100 Word challenge Week#29

The Shouting
  Walking along the path, I kept an eye out for anyone in the dark. The graveyard was misty, cold and closed by a gate. My shift has barely started and I already grew tired. Something shouted in a grave in the distance. I always thought it was me hearing things due to being tired all the time. But frantically, there been screams coming from the graves. Growing suspicious every time I couldn't but be curious of what it might actually be. As I went to the area where the shouting was heard I noticed a trail of dark crimson blood. Where could it lead?

100 Word Challenge Week#27

Mysterious Light  Sara and Claire were walking home after their hockey tournament. As they walked home saw a hypothesizing light glowing in the foggy forest. The two girls were curious to see what the light's source was. As, they moved to the forest a ball of terror forms in their stomach when they hear a woman laugh hysterically behind them, but they see no one in sight. The world around them seem to fade. Suddenly, a witch appears, they try to run but although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. The girls have been reported missing for years. Ever since that day no one has entered the forest.

100 Word Challenge Week#22

The Wrong Ocean
  Chilly air blew by as the ocean waves past. I slowly got the nets ready to fish, and I dropped the net. After some time I lifted up the net, strangely there was goldfish sponges in the net. Climbing the ladder to the top of the boat, I searched for a sign for why there was sponges. Suddenly, brown stuff flew onto my face, then I noticed a giant ship in the distance. The ship was leaking oil in the ocean. People were dumping the sponges for an attempt to help. I realized then that I came to the wrong place to fish.

100 Word Challenge Week#21

Pile of Twigs   One early morning I took a walk in the forest outside of house. As I walked on the trail I passed by a pile of twigs on the side of the trail, they were piled perfectly, almost too perfect. Suddenly, crackle sounds were heard behind me, I turned around and the twigs were no longer there. Wondering where the pile went I started creeping to the side of the trail. Once I looked down the hill I noticed sticks moving, and when I say moving I mean walking. Before I knew it I was knocked out.

100 word challenge week#19

The Storm   Lightning struck as the wind blew harshly. I wore my blanket while watching my favourite show. All of a sudden, the lights flickered, then the power went out. Rain could be heard throughout the house, it came down the drainpipe and down the streets. Sounds of thunder in the distance grew chills up my spine. After some time the power finally returned, the sun slowly peeked through the clouds. Fresh air came in as I opened the windows. Chirping birds flew by once the rain stopped, giving me the feeling of spring. Then I sat down, and continued to watch the show.

100 word challenge week#17

The Warnings   I cycled to the town as the hot dessert sun boiled my skin. Hisses came from my back basket as if they were warnings to me. But I ignored it when I saw the town. Once I crossed the entry gate, I approached the town's famous grandfather clock. As the clock rang the hisses became more constant. Suddenly, the sky turned red, I glanced behind me and the snake was no longer there. Pain traveled throughout my back and the rest of me. Before I could call for help, I collapsed as I had my last breath.

100 word challenge week#14

What Did They Expect?
  People are strange, they expect me to do human things but i'm obviously a monkey, sometimes, I don't even know. Why am I here? Am I a science experiment they're going to make explode! Never mind, a man just gave me a device while I sat on a office chair. Buttons were attached to the bottom half. I looked up to the man, he was holding a small machine that flashes. Confusion makes me furious, what do they want me to do? I grabbed the device and shoved it off the table, bouncing out the room I went on a rampage of anger throughout the hall.